Storage Bins in Winter

Agriculture Storage Bins in Winter

These bins dot the countryside on the prairies but rarely do so many congregate in one location, and rarely can you see them with such a beautiful open view of the Rocky Mountains behind them. I plan to revisit this spot several times to catch this collection in different light and from many other angles.

Agriculture Storage Bins in Winter

Sunrise Starburst

Sunrise Starburst

The winter landscape on the prairies can be so beautful that sometimes I find it hard to decide what image to make next. This was one of those examples where I was torn between wanting to make images of the grain bins that I knew would be glowing a beautiful red as the sun rose, or to try to create the starburst effect you see here just as the sun peeked over the horizon. In the end I managed to do both, but I really only got to try one composition for the starburst shot, and then I ran back over to the bins to make a few more images there. Fortunately this old fence was close enough to the bins that I was able to use it to give the starburst shot some foreground interest.

Grain Bins in the Morning Glow

Grain Bin Panorama

Panoramic image of Grain Bins in the Morning Glow

I went out for a sunrise photoshoot with my Dad the other day while he was visiting for the holidays. It was really nice to be able to head out at a very civilized time (8:00 AM) and still be there in plenty of time to fully enjoy the Magic Hour. This is very different from the other seasons where the sunrise is much earlier in the day, and is one of the few advantages that winter photography has over the summer.

I’ve shot these grain bins before but because of their position relative to the sunrise I knew they would be a good photogenic subject to share with my Dad.

The End of the Harvest

The Last of the Harvest

I saw these granaries in a farm field with a conveyor parked in front just as the sun was setting. The last remnants of daylight were starting to fade on the distant horizon. The nearby farmers had only recently finishing up with the harvest and it seemed like a fitting metaphor that the equipment was still parked there as the light faded into night. Everything will soon be put away for the winter, ready to be used again when the time comes that they are needed.