Deer Butts

Deer Butts

Sometimes you get the shot you want, and sometimes you get the butt.

I was out for a walk at Carburn Park with my son when a herd of about a dozen deer charged out of the woods. I could hear a dog barking off in the distance (in the No Dogs Allowed part of the park) so I can only assume that they were spooked out. When they saw us they froze and obviously couldn’t decide where to go. I tried to make a some portraits but they were still pretty scared and they took off running down the trail. We followed them for awhile in case they stopped, but they slipped off into the woods instead of hanging around for a chat.

Deer Butt

White-tailed Deer bounding over a Prairie Field

Sometimes you get the shot you want, and sometimes you get the butt!

I just missed a great chance to make some images of a tiny fawn because I didn’t have my camera ready. This shot of Mom’s butt was all I could get by the time I got my gear working. She stopped to watch me from a distance for awhile, but soon ran off. I saw the fawn trying to follow, but then it simply disappeared in the thick prairie grasses. The doe ran fast, so I really don’t believe that the fawn could possibly keep up, so I suspect that it simply laid down in the field and waited there until the doe felt safe enough to return…