The Running of the Deer

Running Deer

I saw this big Buck standing in a farm field watching me as I drove past, and I really wanted to make a great portrait of him. Unfortunately the whole herd of Deer took off running shortly after I stopped. It was already past sunset and really quite dark, so my shutter speeds were very slow. Instead of trying to make really sharp images I worked on making some pan-blurs (where the background is blurred by panning along while the main subject moves, keeping the subject relatively sharper) as they ran past me instead. I really like the granularity of the final image and to me it has a great vintage look and feel.

Running Deer

Deer Butt

White-tailed Deer bounding over a Prairie Field

Sometimes you get the shot you want, and sometimes you get the butt!

I just missed a great chance to make some images of a tiny fawn because I didn’t have my camera ready. This shot of Mom’s butt was all I could get by the time I got my gear working. She stopped to watch me from a distance for awhile, but soon ran off. I saw the fawn trying to follow, but then it simply disappeared in the thick prairie grasses. The doe ran fast, so I really don’t believe that the fawn could possibly keep up, so I suspect that it simply laid down in the field and waited there until the doe felt safe enough to return…