Prairie Glow

Glowing farm field at sunrise

I love the way the morning light glows in the prairie fields. These stalks of grain seemed to be reaching for the sun as it rose and the sparkling dew drops added to the mood. The sun rises so early these days and I haven’t been able to get out to enjoy it as much as I do at other times of the year, so this was a pretty special morning for me. Never forget to look around you and appreciate what you have!

Prairie Fence at Sunrise

Prairie Fence at Sunrise

I drive the prairie roads almost every day and I’m always searching for something new and interesting to make images of. Although I find the prairies extremely beautiful, I have to admit that sometimes it all starts to look the same. Sometimes I really have to look really hard to find something different than all the images I’ve made before. Sometimes that can be extremely difficult. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

But there are other times when the picture just jumps out of the scene and there’s no question about what the final image is going to look like. When I saw the deep golden glow of the sunrise light up the farmland in front of me, I knew that if I just turned toward the sun I would see something magical. And it was.

Fencepost Silhouette