Panoramic image of Mount Lorette at Sunrise

Panoramic image of Mount Lorette at Sunrise

I waited for a long time after the sun rose so that I could make this image of Mount Lorette reflected in the Lorette Ponds in Kananaskis Provincial Park. And I almost didn’t get the shot!

I really wanted to catch the Alpenglow on the peak of Mount Lorette, and in the reflection in the water, but it didn’t happen with the initial sunrise. The morning glow on the face of the mountain came as sun rose over the horizon on the prairies, but then faded as the sun climbed. It wasn’t until the sun actually rose up above the mountain peaks immediately to the east of me that the Alpenglow began! I love how the mountains light up in a magnificent red glow at times like these!

Fortunately I made a series of images very quickly because it was only a minute or so after this that a large flock of ducks flew in and landed on the pond in front of me, destroying the glassy smooth finish on the surface. The Alpenglow was over before the pond was calm again. But I got the image I wanted!!

Panoramic Images

Castle Mountain Panoramic

I have updated my Panoramic Image Collection with a couple of images that I’ve made recently. The image above is Castle Mountain as seen from the Bow Valley Parkway. Castle is located halfway between Banff and Lake Louise on the Bow Valley Parkway, and is a popular mountain for hiking and climbing. I really liked the way the wispy clouds partially covered the golden rocks of the mountain, and the brilliant blue sky in the background just gave it some extra oomph! As soon as I saw the mountain I knew I had to make a panoramic image.

The next one is another view of Mount Rundle as seen from Vermillion lakes. I have wanted to get some good sunrise or sunset images from this location for a long time and I’m really happy with what I got from my recent visit.

Panoramic image of Mount Rundle at Dawn

The images in the Panoramic gallery look really great printed big! I’ve printed a few of these at 12″ x 36″ and they look fantastic. Unfortunately the print service in my online store will only print as big as 12″ x 24″, so if you want something bigger please contact me directly and I will make a custom print to your specifications. Note that while most of my panoramics are sized in a 1:3 aspect ratio, some are only 1:2. Each one may need to be cropped differently when printed…