Swainson’s Hawk on a Power Pole

I’m always get very excited when I see a perching hawk somewhere close enough to make a nice portrait, and even though I have hundreds of similar images, I always have to stop to try to make another one!

More often than not hawks fly away as soon as they sense that I’m even thinking about pointing my camera at them; however, every once in a while, one will actually cooperate and allow me to take a few shots before it flies. This Swainsons actually sat and watched me very intently from its perch at the top of a power pole for a few minutes (and gave me some very nice poses) before launching…

Intermediate Morph Swainson’s Hawk

I’m not totally sure on the identification of this bird. I believe that it’s an intermediate morph Swainson’s Hawk, but I’ve never seen one before so I can’t tell for sure. It really doesn’t look much like any other kind of Hawk that I’m familiar with, but it also doesn’t look clearly like a Swainson’s either. The light morphs (which account for over 90% of Swainson’s Hawks) have a much more pronounced white chin and a dark band across the upper chest that this bird doesn’t display.

Can anyone help me confirm the identification???

UPDATE – I’ve added another picture, although it doesn’t really reveal anything new. I’ve had one suggestion that it may be a Broad-winged Hawk, but really no better information than what I’ve already posted…