Grain Bin Panorama

Panoramic image of Grain Bins in the Morning Glow

I went out for a sunrise photoshoot with my Dad the other day while he was visiting for the holidays. It was really nice to be able to head out at a very civilized time (8:00 AM) and still be there in plenty of time to fully enjoy the Magic Hour. This is very different from the other seasons where the sunrise is much earlier in the day, and is one of the few advantages that winter photography has over the summer.

I’ve shot these grain bins before but because of their position relative to the sunrise I knew they would be a good photogenic subject to share with my Dad.

Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow

A White-tailed Jackrabbit track left in the fresh snow. Note that the smaller prints are from the forelegs while the larger ones are from the rear, but the animal was traveling from left to right. The front feet come down first, followed by the hind. Unfortunately we didn’t see any of the animals, but there were little rabbit highways in the snow all over the place in the area we were walking. There must be a lot of rabbits in that area at some times during the day!

American Avocets with Spring Snow

American Avocets with Spring Snow

I can only imagine the rude awakening these Avocets felt as the weather suddenly switched and the temperature dropped from 20 °C one day to below -7 °C the next. And a significant dump of snow to go with it! Fortunately it warms back up above freezing temperatures during the afternoon on most days…

Happy Easter!

I hope the Easter Bunny helps make your Easter Weekend great!

These are all images of some of the White-tailed Jackrabbits that run wild (literally) around this part of Alberta. These little critters are pretty confused at this time of year and they don’t know whether they should be white or brown, and so sometimes they’re both. We’ve had some beautiful spring weather lately and so I expect that they will all be morphing into their brown summer fur very soon!

White-tailed Jackrabbit in Spring

White-tailed Jackrabbit in Summer Colors

White on White

White-tailed Jackrabbit nestled in a bed of snow

White-tailed Jackrabbit nestled in Winter

Hoar Frost

It has been very warm in the afternoons lately, but very cold at night. This has led to some very heavy fog blanketing the prairie landscape every morning and has resulted in a thick layer of hoar frost being coated over everything. It has made for some very difficult driving conditions, but has also made for some very scenic views when the fog breaks.

Ice Fog Sunrise

While driving to work the other day the fog was so thick that I could barely see what was in front of me. It was so dark that I thought sunrise was still a long way off. However when I drove into a break in the fog and saw the glowing sunrise ahead of me I was very excited to see how beautiful it all looked.

Ice Fog Sunrise

This caboose is part of an ongoing project of mine. Although it gets moved regularly (the adjacent piece of track is used everyday by active trains), it has been on the same piece of track for over 3 years now and I’ve made many images of it. I haven’t looked for it in a long time now and this is the first time I’ve shot it in winter. It was sitting in a different spot than I’ve ever seen it and it was pretty exciting to see it so beautifully framed by the icy branches.

Relic in Winter

Here are a few of the other images I’ve made of this old relic. Just looking at these images really makes me look forward to the coming spring and summer seasons!


Sunrise Relic

Prairie Sunrise