More Deer

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been seeing huge herds of deer lately. Not only are the herds large, but there are also lots of them. Deer are generally pretty skittish; they often take off running as soon as you even start to slow your vehicle down, and if you actually stop the car they are gone! Not lately though. I guess its a bit of herd mentality kicking in because it seems that as long as there are more than about 10 deer together, they don’t seem to mind posing for a few pictures before slowly wandering away.

Yesterday I was able to stop my truck and enjoy a few quiet minutes with two different large herds of at least 30 animals.

This large buck watched me for a little while, but he never bothered to walk away, even when the rest of his family left.

Male Mule Deer in Winter at Sunset

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Deer Everywhere

I’ve seen hundreds of deer in the fields every day around sunrise and sunset over the last couple of weeks. I often see deer on my daily commute but I’ve never seen such a high concentration before. I’m really not sure why there are so many around all of a sudden, but it’s been pretty exciting to watch!

These three checked me out very carefully before deciding they should leave.

Three very cautious White-tailed Deer

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