Deer Everywhere

I’ve seen hundreds of deer in the fields every day around sunrise and sunset over the last couple of weeks. I often see deer on my daily commute but I’ve never seen such a high concentration before. I’m really not sure why there are so many around all of a sudden, but it’s been pretty exciting to watch!

These three checked me out very carefully before deciding they should leave.

Three very cautious White-tailed Deer

These two watched me from the top of a hill, and on the other side of a fence.

White-tailed Deer watching from the top of a hill

The prairie landscape is littered with aged and rusting farm equipment. This relic of a windmill sits abandoned in the middle of an open farm field. There’s no sign of anything nearby, so I’m not sure why it’s still there.

Prairie Windmill at Sunrise

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Sean lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is surrounded by majestic views of the Rocky Mountains and constantly changing prairie landscapes. While focusing on the beauty of the prairies, including the sweeping horizons, the vegetation, and the birds and animals, the Eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains are also a favorite place to wander and photograph.

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