Closeup Images of Common Orange Daylilies

Closeup image of a Common Orange Daylily Flower

After a long day of rain at the cottage the weather finally broke in the late afternoon. We all rushed outside to get some fresh air and to take advantage of the break from the soggy drizzle that was becoming all too common. I went straight to the flowerbed to make use of the high overcast clouds that provided some beautiful soft light for making closeup and macro images.

Although these Daylilies are growing in the flowerbed, they weren’t planted there. This species was introduced to North America from Asia in the 19th century and now grows wild all over Eastern North America. It is considered to be an invasive species and it is very hard to control or remove once introduced to an area.

Regardless whether they are wild or cultivated, they are extremely beautiful and I could spend hours or even days making images of them!

Closeup image of a Common Orange Daylily Flower

Closeup image of a Common Orange Daylily Flower

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